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Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

David Frankel represents clients charged with all crimes in State and Federal Courts; including homicide (including death penalty), violent and major felonies, drug offenses, RICO, white collar crimes, grand jury representation, and misdemeanors. With more than 25 years experience and over 300 jury trials as both a prosecutor and defense attorney David understands the complexities of any criminal matter his clients might face. The goal in any criminal case is to get involved as early as possible. Moving swiftly provides the best chance of a positive outcome. Whether we are able to avoid formal charges altogether, resolve the case by plea, or proceed to a trial, no detail can be ignored in achieving the best result.

Appellate Law

Criminal and civil trials are sometimes very fast paced and emotional. Decisions and rulings on the testimony, evidence and argument of the attorneys are often made by the trial judge in the moment without adequate consideration of the proper law to apply. The appellate process is the opportunity for a party to seek review of those decisions by a higher court known as appellate courts. A portion of our practice is concentrated on advocating cases before state and federal appellate courts, including state supreme courts and the United States Supreme Court. Effective examination of the trial record and effective argument before the court of appeals court very often leads to reversal, and success in the case.

Civil Rights

All citizens have certain rights which are guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution.  These include the right to be treated fairly and safely by all government actors; whether its the police, foster care providers, state hospitals, or mental health facilities. Unfortunately many people feel they are powerless to challenge Police Departments, the Department of Children and Families, or other government agencies. They are not, however these cases take a great deal of skill. Fighting to balance the power of the average citizen against  government abuse is one of the most important areas of law. David takes pride in using his exceptional courtroom skill to bring the Constitution to life on behalf of his clients.